About Faver High School Alumni Association


Faver High School was established in Guthrie, Oklahoma for Negro students. The building was first located on East Grant Street. It was named after Stonewall J. Faver, a county commissioner who donated the land and building. The school closed in 1967 under the Supreme Court ruling to desegregate all public schools nationwide.

Historical records of Guthrie shows the first graduating class was in 1906 and the last class in 1967 under Principal, Anderson L. Tipton, a graduate of Claver College , a Catholic College in Guthrie. Other principals of Faver were George Carry, D. G. Horton, Foraker Tillman and J.W. Smith.



Faver High School Alumni Association is a 501©(3) a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to educational, spiritual and community service.

Since October 2012, the association has:

  • Redefined its mission and goals.
  • Established an electronic membership data base, a website and email.
  • Revised the By-Laws.
  • Began an awards program, a newsletter and developed a brochure..
  • Provided resolutions to bereaved families.
  • Began an external mentoring program and book fund for students.
  • Established year round committees, i.e., executive and program committee.
  • Offered community service efforts to local nursing homes, Faver Alternative School, and seniors.

Our Mission

We, the Faver High School Alumni Association are spiritually driven, educationally focused with the highest quality of community service for Faver attendees and families.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to sustaining the heritage of Faver High School through unity, teamwork, integrity, community service and consistent educational opportunities for individuals.


OFFICIALS 2012-2015

Matthis Hathorne, President
Evelyn Nephew, 1st Vice President
Cub Beasley, 2nd Vice President
Mertis Coleman, Correspondence Secretary
Angela Copeland, Secretary
Christina Doolittle, Treasurer
Christine Hathorn, Financial Secretary
Alvin Borders, Stg. At Arms
Stancy Nephew, Parliamentarian

Monthly Meeting
1st Tuesday of each month
7:00 pm
Faver Alternative School



Faver High School Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1121
Guthrie, Okla. 73044
Phone: (405) 293-6386
Fax: (405) 293-6386
E-mail: faveralumni29@yahoo.com






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